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YOUR app - all about YOU.
If you have things to share with your friends, customers or fans - Download Mii App!.

You design it for YOU, and if you want - put it up on the Google Play store for anyone to download!
Think of it as your personal Facebook channel - just about you. Add pictures, songs, videos and text whenever you like.

Check out the FAQ for details.

Mii App is great for actors, artists, writers, and as a cool CV - what better way to display your Bio to employers than by giving them your app? Artists can share their portfolios, Techos can show their tech savvy. Or just Brag to your friends.

It's perfect for Bands and solo musicians. Share your bio, videos, songs, merchandise and Gig guide with your fans, pubs and record labels.

Whether a sports club, a fan club or a special interest group, Mii App gives you constant contact with your members. Keep them interested with daily updates, advertise your merchandise - keep them engaged wherever they are.

Mii App is FREE on the Google Play Store.
It comes as a demo app about a girl - which you then change to make it all about YOU.
Just replace everything with your own stuff.
Its YOUR app on your phone or tablet. Play with it. Add content. See what it can do for you...

If you decide its cool enough to publish for everyone to use, we build the Play Store version and get it published for you.
Then you can give it away or sell it! Its up to you.

Not interested in publishing?
No problems, just use it on your phone. Put all your family photos up and share them on the bus.

Business - Mii Pro
For people wanting more storage and a backend database, Mii Pro is the way to go. Give your customers a mobile inventory of your stock, with current prices. Add daily specials. Include advertising. Tell us what you need and we can offer a very reasonable quote.